Whether youre an experienced crowdfunder or new to online fundraising, we want to help you raise more money in your next campaign! Our training resources and tools offer practical guidance based on our work with hundreds of nonprofits across the U.S. and Latin America.


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General FAQ
How does HIPGive work?

HIPGive is a crowdfunding platform that brings together nonprofits that wish to raise funds with donors who wish to support them. Through HIPGive: 

  • Nonprofits can raise funds and gain unmatched visibility for their projects; access customized resources and tools to run effective campaigns; and participate in special initiatives to double the funds raised through matching dollars and prizes.
  • Individuals can donate to a cause they believe in; read and share stories about social impact throughout the Americas; and join a larger community of social-good champions.
  • Foundations and corporations can partner with us to show their support and multiply their impact in Latino communities through targeted campaigns, special initiatives, matching funds, customized landing pages, and much more.

Want to learn more? Have a look at this short video explaining HIPGive in 10 steps or visit our Learning Center.

What are contests and matching funds?

Contests are special giving days that focus on a particular theme or social issue and which help make projects more visible and encourage greater giving.
Contests are usually scheduled to coincide with international commemorations, celebrations, or giving days, helping make the most of the public’s interest in supporting social impact projects and allowing us to boost our promotion of the site to interested parties. 
In addition, thanks to the generous support of our corporate and philanthropic partners, we often make matching funds and/or prizes available on contest days. Depending on the specific terms of each contest, the donation that an individual makes to a project can be doubled, helping organizations raise more money. 

What is HIPGive?

HIPGive is the first and only bilingual crowdfunding platform focused solely on advancing Latino social impact projects and promoting philanthropy across the Americas. On HIPGive you can support a social project or start your own; read and share stories about Latino generosity; and make a real impact on the issues that matter most to you. Our goal is to grow into the biggest digital community for champions of Latino social good.

HIPGive in 2014 by Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), a nonprofit with more than 32 years of experience, strengthens Latino leadership, equity, and voice by leveraging philanthropic resources. We partner with a transnational network of foundations to make impactful investments in the Latino community, and we help Latino nonprofits access funds and develop their leadership so they can effectively address the most pressing issues facing our communities.

Is HIPGive secure?

WePay, the credit card processor used for the platform, is a certified Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider (the highest level), which requires an annual independent security audit of our processes and systems. The system is tested daily (manually and automatically) to ensure security. For more information about WePay’s cutting-edge security measures, please consult the security information on their website.

What has HIPGive achieved?

Since our launch in April 2014, HIPGive has enabled over $1.3 million USD to be invested in more than 400 projects. We've reached an audience of 30,000 individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in social impact initiatives serving Latino communities. 

What is HIPGive’s legal status?

HIPGive is a project administrated by Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), a nonprofit organization headquartered in the United States with 501(c)(3) status. Since 2016, HIP has also been legally constituted as a nonprofit organization (Asociación Civil) in Mexico.

Whom do I contact if I have a question?

Please use the contact form to send us your inquiry. You can also write directly to info@hipgive.org.

What payment methods are accepted?

HIPGive accepts payment from all major credit cards and donations are processed in U.S. dollars.  


You may also pay via a U.S. bank account by selecting "Pay With Bank" (instead of inserting credit card details) in the payment check out box, after you select the amount of your donation.  


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Donor FAQ
Introduction to HIPGive for donors

Welcome to HIPGive, a unique crowdfunding community for Latino and Latin American social impact projects. Since our launch in 2014, we’ve shown that #LatinosGive: 7,000+ individuals from the U.S. and Latin America have donated nearly $700,000 USD (to which we’ve added over $230,000 in matching funds) to send girls on educational adventures, protect immigrants’ rights, equip clinics and schools, and much more.
Whether you’re a first-time donor or a longstanding philanthropist, at HIPGive you have the opportunity to make an impact on the issues that matter most to you. Check out our stories to discover up-to-date articles about the projects on the platform, or browse the FAQs to discover how to make the most of your HIPGive experience.

Why give through HIPGive?

HIPGive is the only crowdfunding platform dedicated to social impact projects helping Latinos in the U.S. and across Latin America. By giving to projects that address inequality and disadvantage and foster inclusiveness and empowerment, you become a changemaker. Your contribution helps ensure that organizations whose work uplifts Latino communities receive the financial and moral support they deserve.
Other benefits include:

  • 100% bilingual English-Spanish platform
  • All projects are vetted and participating organizations must supply evidence of their legal incorporation as a nonprofit organization
  • Very low commissions mean the nonprofits keep more of the funds they raise (typically 97%)
  • Training and support help nonprofits boost their crowdfunding and online marketing skills
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How are organizations vetted?

Organizations whose projects appear on HIPGive must prove they are legally incorporated as nonprofit organizations, with 501(c)3 status in the U.S. or equivalent in their home country, and share basic information to demonstrate legal compliance and financial stability.
We review every project that is published on the platform and support projects that have clear objectives, a realistic timeline, strategies to measure the goals and impact, and demonstrate creativity and passion for making a difference to Latino communities. We provide feedback to organizations where we feel the project does not fulfill these criteria and engage in multiple training activities to help organizations run campaigns that take donor needs into consideration.
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How do I make a donation?

You can browse projects on Give or use the search filter to find projects that meet your criteria.
Once you have found a project you would like to support, just click on the yellow “Give to this project” button and choose a suggested amount or enter the figure you wish to donate. All donations are displayed and processed in U.S. dollars. The platform will encourage you to “tip HIP” with a suggested contribution, but please note that this is a voluntary donation towards the upkeep of HIPGive and you can edit the amount or select zero.
You will be asked to fill in your email and you can choose to leave your name and/or a message for the project team to encourage them in their campaign. If you prefer, you can remain anonymous.
Then, it only takes a minute to fill in your credit card details and confirm the donation. Once you have donated, you will receive two confirmation emails: one from WePay and one from HIPGive. The latter is also a tax-deductible receipt in the U.S.
Want to make your donation go further?

  • Look out our contests: these thematic events generate support and awareness of key issues and thanks to our business and nonprofit partners, we’re able to provide matching funds, meaning your donation could be doubled!  
  • Consider checking the TipHIP box as you donate. HIPGive is run by HIP, a nonprofit organization, and with your help to fund the upkeep of the platform and the training and support we provide to nonprofits, we can reduce our fees to the bare minimum (currently 2.9%). 

Will I get a receipt?

Yes! As soon as you complete your donation, we will send a confirmation of the transaction to your email address. This will include the WePay logo. Shortly after, we will also send an official receipt to the same email address. Hispanics in Philanthropy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible in the U.S.
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Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Hispanics in Philanthropy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Tax ID number is 94-3040607. All contributions are tax-deductible in the U.S.: the confirmation email acts as an official receipt. HIP issues tax receipts to donors and is responsible for disbursing funds to the organizations raising funds on HIPGive.
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What currencies are accepted?

At the moment, all donations are processed and disbursed in U.S. dollars. For international credit cards, foreign exchange fees may apply. We are working to incorporate other currencies into the platform. 

Do you keep a record of my donations?

Yes. After you make your donation you will be encouraged to create a username and password to access HIPGive. You can then log in to HIPGive at any time to access your dashboard, which includes a list of your donations to date. This list includes:

  • The name of the campaign you donated to
  • The total amount of your donation
  • The amount you tipped to HIPGive
  • The date of your donation

What are the benefits of remaining anonymous?

By default on HIPGive, donors' names are published on the "Givers" section of each project. In addition, donors are able to leave short comments to be seen by the project coordinators, other donors and visitors to the project page. 

We are aware, though, that many donors wish to contribute without making their donations public. If you choose to check the box “Keep my contribution anonymous,” then your name will NOT be published on the Givers section; only "Anonymous" will appear.  

The project coordinators, however, will still have access to a record of your donation, your name and email address and may be in touch to acknowledge your donation. 


What is TipHIP?

As a nonprofit organization ourselves, we aim to maintain the provision of high-quality services at the lowest possible cost. By choosing to “tip HIP” you make a small additional donation that helps us cover our operations and means we can avoid passing on extra fees to the nonprofits we serve. Nonprofits on HIPGive currently take home 97% of the funds they raise, meaning our commission is significantly lower than many other similar platforms.

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Nonprofit FAQ
Why should I crowdfund?

Digital technology and communications continue to revolutionize our ability to engage with supporters, reach out to new donors, and raise money for good causes. This occurs against a backdrop of increased scarcity and unpredictability of other funding sources: many nonprofit organizations experience increased demand for their services and must find new ways to generate income without increasing expenses. By using crowdfunding technology to access new financial resources, your organization will grow in autonomy and sustainability and will be better placed to expand your work or scale up.

Find out more by accessing our learning resources.

How do I create and fund my project on HIPGive?

HIPGive supports exciting, innovative projects from organizations working with Latino communities. We will support projects that have clear objectives, a realistic timeline, strategies to measure the goals and impact, and demonstrate creativity and passion for making a difference.
Here’s a short summary of the process for creating and crowdfunding for your project:

  • Select Create from the main menu.
  • Fill in the form to describe your project and its budget, and upload photos and videos. You will also be required to attach verification of your nonprofit status, normally your 501c3 confirmation letter or your incorporation documents (acta constitutiva in Latin America).
  • Submit your form to HIPGive. We will review the project and respond within 72 hours.
  • The project will be published on your chosen start date and will be open for donations for the period that you have selected (15, 30, or 45 days, or as an ongoing project).
  • Run your promotional campaign: share the project with your friends, colleagues, donors, and wider community, inviting them to donate.
  • When the campaign period has finished, HIP will send a check (if you're based in the U.S.) or make a bank transfer (if you're in Latin America) for the funds you have raised, minus any fees. 
Click here to start creating your project now!

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Who can create a project?

HIPGive is designed for projects that are coordinated by nonprofit organizations based in the U.S. or Latin America. As a nonprofit organization ourselves, we are required to ask participating organizations to provide evidence that:

  • They are a lawful, recognized 501(c)(3) organization in the U.S. or have equivalent legal status in Latin America. In some cases, an organization can submit a project through a fiscal sponsor.
  • They have a mission that is not based on racial, ethnic, sexual, or gender discrimination.
  • The majority of individuals who will benefit from the project are Latina/o.
  • Any organization that uses hate speech on the HIPGive site will be disqualified.
As you follow the steps to create your project you will be asked to attach verification of your nonprofit status, normally your 501c3 confirmation letter or your incorporation documents (acta constitutiva in Latin America).
Once your campaign is up and running you will be required to submit the following information. This helps us fulfill our obligations and enables us to send you the funds you’ve raised quickly.
U.S. Organizations Latin American Organizations
Tax ID Tax ID
Conflict of Interest Policy (if applicable) Conflict of Interest Policy (if applicable)
List of Board Members List of Board Members
IRS Determination Letter Article of Incorporation or
"acta constitutiva"
IRS Form-990 Most recent financial statements
Organizational Budget for Current Fiscal Year Organizational Budget for Current Fiscal Year
Sponsorship Agreement (only if under fiscal sponsorship) Sponsorship Agreement (only if under fiscal sponsorship)
Mailing Address Bank account information for international transfers

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What is a fiscal sponsor?

If your organization does not have 501(c)(3) status or equivalent or you are unable to provide any of the documents requested by HIPGive, you can still crowdfund on HIPGive via a fiscal sponsor.
A fiscal sponsor is an organization that can vouch for your project and can provide the documents we request. They will receive the funds on your behalf in the form of a check or bank transfer from Hispanics in Philanthropy and will ensure those funds reach the project.

Does it cost anything?

You can create and publish your project on HIPGive free of charge. If you are successful in raising funds on the platform, HIPGive will retain a small percentage to help cover the costs associated with maintaining the platform; in particular, the cost of secure payment processing through an external provider. 
Currently, the commission is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction (donation). This is a flat rate and is not affected by whether or not you reach your project goal.
To avoid passing on any further costs and ensure organizations keep more of the funds they raise, we recently introduced the TipHIP feature. When making a gift, donors are invited to contribute a small additional donation to cover HIPGive’s operational expenses. This is entirely voluntary and well received by most donors.   
As a result, the cost of using HIPGive remains below 3%. This is extremely favorable in comparison to other crowdfunding platforms where commissions typically range from 10% to 15%.

This table illustrates how we calculate the total amount of funds transferred at the end of a project: 

  Example A Example B
Crowdfunding Goal $10,000 $3,000
Amount Raised $9,200 $3,500
Number of Donations 40 20
Commission: 2.9% of total raised $266.80 $101.50
Total Commission Retained by HIPGive $278.80 $107.50
Total Funds Transferred to the Organization $8,921.20 $3,392.50
Percentage of Total Funds Transferred 97% 97%
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What happens if I don’t reach my goal?

We will send you the money anyway. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, HIPGive is not an all-or-nothing platform: you keep the funds you raise. 
When your campaign has finished, we will inform you of the total raised, add any matching funds (if applicable), deduct any fees, and transfer the funds to your organization. If you have failed to raise any funds, there will be no fees to pay. If you are outside the U.S. and the amount that you have raised is less than the cost of an international bank transfer, we will contact you to arrange the most appropriate way of ensuring you receive the funds.

In order to fulfill your commitment to donors, it is strongly recommended that you use the funds to contribute to the project as published, even if you are unable to complete it until a later date.

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How do I receive the funds?

Upon completion of your campaign, we will send you a letter confirming the amount of funds raised, any additional matching funds (if applicable), the fees to be deducted, and the final amount to be transferred. 
These funds will be paid to your organization via a check posted to your address (for U.S. organizations) or via a bank transfer (for Latin American organizations), as per the verification documents you have uploaded to the platform.
We ask that you provide Hispanics in Philanthropy with a valid fiscal receipt for the funds received or, in the case of Latin American organizations, a letter confirming their receipt.

Do I need to provide donors with a receipt?

No. Individual donors will receive a confirmation of the transaction from WePay, and shortly after, an official receipt directly from HIPGive.org, via email. Hispanics in Philanthropy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible in the U.S.
HIP then transfers the funds to the organizations and at this point we require the organization to provide a single official receipt or confirmation letter to HIP for the full amount they receive.

Even though donors receive official communication from HIPGive, we highly recommend that you contact them personally to thank them for their support using the donor contact information available in your dashboard.

How do contests and matching funds work?

HIPGive runs contests throughout the year to generate enthusiasm, support, and awareness of key issues. Thanks to our partnerships with corporate and philanthropic allies, we are often able to provide matching funds for participating nonprofits. We disburse these funds in such ways that ensure even geographical (time zone) coverage across the continent and maximize the number of projects that benefit.
The amount of funds available and the way in which they are distributed varies from contest to contest, so we encourage participating organizations to check the guidelines published on the website, take part in informative webinars, and use the special toolkits. Consult our #LatinosGive guidelines for an example of matching funds during our 2016 #GivingTuesday campaign.
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What do I need to do to run a successful campaign?

There is no definitive set of guidelines for how to run a campaign that guarantees you meet your goal. Visit our learning resources to find out more about crowdfunding, project design, campaign execution, and much more.

Partnership FAQ
How can I get involved?

If you represent a business or philanthropic foundation and wish to enable greater investment in Latino communities or boost the capacity of civil society organizations to harness technology for social impact, we’d love to work with you!
We can provide great opportunities for:

  • Administering matching funds for a thematic or geographic contest of your choice
  • Creating a microsite within HIPGive to showcase your chosen projects
  • Providing capacity building and training opportunities for the nonprofits you work with
  • Much more
Please get in touch here or send an email to partnerships@hipgive.org.


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