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Cuando nos topamos con innovaciones que cuestionan los modelos tradicionales de hacer las cosas.


Our story

When we come across innovations that question traditional models of doing things, as with crowdfunding, we always have the same concerns: Is it a simple fad or a model that has come to stay? Is it a radical break with other financing systems or, in reality, does it offer anything new? It is too early to answer these questions, but what we can try is to identify the possible benefits of this new system of collective financing, compared to traditional models, in order to assess their future viability and true potential.

1. It broadens and more easily connects the offer of projects and financing. The Network has no barriers, it is a channel that allows us to send our offer to an incalculable number of interested potentials without filters of any kind. The distribution costs to potential investors / donors are practically marginal. It is true that for the proposal to be successful, it must be supported in a good communication strategy, but that strategy does not necessarily have to be expensive.


One of the main criticisms that is being made to the investment / donation models that currently exist is that only a very small number of organizations have the facility to access them. The Network has pulverized these entry barriers.



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