5 Incredible Stories of Generosity in Latin America

By Mitzi Hernandez Cruz, HIPGive contributor

Any one of us can create positive change. And joining hands with someone who is fighting for mutual benefits can help us magnify our impact and provide help to those who need it.

That’s why this #GivingTuesday, HIPGive is launching #LatinosGive, a campaign to encourage Latino generosity to support all the hardworking nonprofits that keep our most vulnerable communities afloat.

During last year’s #LatinosGive campaign, various Latino-focused nonprofits raised funds to support social causes through HIPGive, thanks to the support of amazing donors like you! Here are five stories from last year’s participants that we found particularly inspiring:

1. Keeping Families United


One of the reasons that immigrants to the U.S. don’t always succeed is due to fear that they’ll be prosecuted or deported. The New Mexico Immigrant Law Center provides information and support to immigrants, and last year the organization asked donors’ support in raising $1,000 USD. The big surprise: their campaign raised more than $10,000! With this incredible support, they’re helping immigrants become economically independent and have a stable future.

2. Support for Single Mothers


The CadaVida Foundation gave us the example that helping a person in unfavorable conditions is better if she is involved in her advancement. Their project helped single mothers in Colombia sell clothes and obtain profits to reinvest in new projects. And they’ve given us updates that many of the women involved in their project now have a business of their own and a stable source of income!

3. Empowering Little Ones


Our children are our future, so what could be better than educating them about actions they can take to better their lot in life? Educate2Envicion helps empower kids in Honduras to take action related to health, education, and the environment, and—even better—to spread the word in their communities. The program helps youth to fight against the poverty they live in while becoming leaders in their communities.

4. Eradicating Anemia

fundacion-salvadorena-para-la-salud-y-el-desarrollo-humanoThe numbers of malnutrition in Latin America, as well as the diseases it leads to, is terrifying. That’s why the work of the Salvadoran Foundation for Health and Human Advancement (Fundación Salvadoreña para la Salud y el Desarrollo Humano (FUSAL)) is so critical. In their work to eradicate anemia among children, they not only provide direct medical attention to children, but also support good nutrition with classes on healthful eating. The families of the children also get care, which increases the impact and prevents more malnutrition.

5. Fighting Against Gender Inequality


One of the most urgent issues in the Latino community is violence against women. There have been terrible cases of aggressions against women, and a high percentage of these are perpetrated by someone the woman knows, or even a relative. That’s why the work of the Violence Intervention Program, Inc. is crucial. They’ve saved lives, and they provide refuge to women who flee their homes due to imminent danger. The organization’s support ranges from psychological help to continuous care so that victims can find their own liberating path including emotional stability and physical safety.

Inspired? Check out the dozens of incredible organizations that are raising funds this year during #LatinosGive on #GivingTuesday!