Five Famous Colombians Who Are Crazy Generous

These celebrities give Colombia a good name

By Débora Montesinos, HIPGive contributor

Colombia has given the world big gifts, including the music and singing of some celebrities that set themselves apart through their generosity and service to others.

These celebrities don’t spare anything to support others: they give their names, their talent, and even part of their earnings to support struggling communities or causes that benefit their region and the world.

Here we share the stories of just five famous givers, but we’re sure that you can find more examples in Colombia and in other parts of Latin America. We invite you to share those stories with us!

1. Juanes

The founder of Fundación Mi Sangre, which he supports with his name and funds, has become one of Colombia’s most famous foundations. It started out protecting children that were affected by the armed conflict that plagued the country for decades.

In its 10 years of work, the foundation has supported 87,000 children with education for peace and 12,000 with psychological help, throughout 41 municipalities in Colombia.



2. Shakira

The singer and composer is perhaps Colombia’s most famous citizen; not just due to her renowned hip swivels, but also because from a young age she started supporting children through the Fundación Pies Descalzos (Barefoot Foundation), whose work has been replicated in several cities throughout Colombia.

Shakira’s foundation is even one of Colombia’s top five altruistic organizations, according to a ranking released by the consultancy Cifras & Conceptos. In response to the question the company put to the public, what civil society organizations do you most admire, the Fundación Pies Descalzos ranked fourth, only surpassed by the Red Cross, Colombian Civil Defence, and UN!



3. Mario Hernández

The Colombian designer, famous for his incredible leather creations, shows how innovative he is. Despite being more than 70 years old, his talent is big enough for him to support various causes, including populating the world with butterflies (to support the environment) and ensuring that all his employees have decent housing.

Through the years, Mario has always had a constant desire: to avoid the accumulation of wealth and, instead, to put his money to use giving work opportunities to the Colombian people.

Check out this interview (in Spanish), where he tells us more:

4. Fanny Lu

The beautiful Colombian singer was named an official Ambassador of Goodwill to the UN. She’s also known in countries throughout the world for her campaigns to raise awareness about infant malnutrition.
And let’s not forget the 2014 campaign she championed with the hashtag #YoQuieroConFannyLu, she “adopted” some 3,000 children online.

5. Carolina Cruz

The stunning model understands how to pay back some of the blessings she’s received in life. She’s an enthusiastic promoter of what’s called social responsibility, and even has a special page for it on her official site.

Carolina was named a “Unicef Angel” due to her interest in supporting campaigns for children. She’s also an active promoter of the Fundación Angiopediatría Colombia, which does the extraordinary work related to “orphan illnesses”—diseases so rare that the patients require not just a huge amount of care but also large quantities of money for specialized treatment. She’s also an enthusiastic supporter of the Fundación Doctora Clown, which brings joy to sick people.

But Carolina’s altruistic mission doesn’t just stop with people. The television personality is also known for her love of animals, which she cares for through the foundations Gran Espíritu and Animal Voice.

Carolina Cruz

The needs and ways of supporting others are diverse, just as the celebrities who support causes. Which cause are you passionate about?