#GivingTuesday Tip: Maximizing your Outreach

By Anita Gallagher

I’ve said before that the secret to crowdfunding success is getting your ask right, but there’s a caveat: even the most exceptional project with the most compelling call-to-action won’t meet its goal if only a handful of people ever find out about it.

Use these practical tips to increase the number of people who you invite to your campaign. After all, to succeed at crowdfunding, you really do need a crowd!

1. Prepare your database

Whether it’s a state-of-the-art system or a trusted spreadsheet, make sure each and every contact is included in your database with a functioning email and, if possible, a label (donor, lapsed donor, prospect, volunteer, supplier, beneficiary, etc.). You should be sending emails to as many people as possible and even a slight tweak to the message for each group can increase effectiveness.

2. Set staff a challenge

Challenge each of your colleagues from across the organization (not just in the fundraising department) to ask at least 10 people to make a contribution. They can ask anyone from their professional or personal networks. What’s more, if you offer a prize for the staff member who raises the most, you’ll be surprised how hard they will work for the campaign!

3. Create your communications combo

We’re used to ordering food in different combinations according to our taste – now think about how best to use communication channels according to the preferences of your audience. Email has universal appeal, social media is an essential topping, but many recent successful campaigns cite phone calls and instant messaging as key drivers of donations. Whatever you do, combine multiple channels and keep it as personal as possible.

4. Involve an influencer

Do you know someone who is a thought leader or has a large following on social media? Ask them to donate, share, and add personal comments to your official communications – it will add both visibility and credibility to your campaign.