How to Use the Holiday Spirit to Boost Your Campaign

December is a busy time of year, but it’s also a special time: our thoughts turn to others, to the giving of gifts, to time spent with family, and to the ideals of peace, joy, and love.

To reach your crowdfunding goal this December, tap into the power of the holidays to connect people and unlock feelings of togetherness and generosity. And don’t forget to prepare your communications in advance so that your campaign keeps on going, even when you’re already on holiday!

1. Speak from the heart

You might not have time to completely reinvent your campaign, but you can revitalise it and add some seasonal words and phrases. For example, you could:

  • Include an email header such as, “Give the gift of hope this Christmas”
  • Change your call to action from a generic “help us today” to “help us build peace today”
  • Describe the impact of your work in terms of bringing hope and joy not just during the holidays, but every day of the year

2. Share a joyful story

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the story of the nativity, and the best campaigns are also driven by a memorable story. Check out this article about how to tell stories that connect with donors and then produce a story you can easily share: a short video, or a photo and testimony. Make sure to end on a hopeful note and use a clear call to action, so that inspired donors can turn their empathy into action.

3. Work with a team of helpers

Santa has a crew of elves to help him and you will achieve more if you have a group of trusted volunteers to help spread the word. Indeed, tapping into other people’s networks of friends and family is the most reliable way of acquiring new donors. Here’s a simple three-step plan:

  1. Draw up a list of 10 -15 coworkers, board members, and trusted volunteers that you know will help.
  2. Send each one the campaign materials (email, social media posts) and have them explain the importance of the project in their own words.
  3. Ask them to share why the project is important to them with at least 10 people they know well. Make sure they include a clear request for donations and link to the project page on HIPGive.

4. Get organized ahead of time

You don’t have to be in the office to keep up with your communications schedule. Put the finishing touches on your emails or posts and schedule them to be sent out or published at key times. You can use specialist apps like Hootsuite and Buffer (for social media), MailChimp or Constant Contact (for email), or direct addons for your email; we like Boomerang or MixMax.

Happy holidays, and happy crowdfunding!


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