Not Sure How to Build an Audience on Social Media?

By Anita Gallagher

Building an audience on social media is a huge part of fundraising success. But sometimes we all run out of creative ideas for what to post. And since fresh, intriguing content is what keeps the likes and reposts coming, getting your brain juices flowing is key!

Need inspiration? Check out this great new tool by M+R: Social Media Content Generator.

Social media

Just click the red box and watch as a fun new idea pops up. Here are a few of my favorites, from a recent exploration:

  • This or that? (“Are you a lion lover or a wolf warrior?”)
  • A fill-in-the-blank statement
  • Recycle content that performed well on your channel at this time last year

Have a great social content idea? Share it with M+R on Twitter at @MRCampaigns and they’ll add it to their generator!