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Having a decent job is necessary to be financial secured and stay out of violence in El Salvador. But, the lack of education have generated barriers to find a suitable job for the people of Ciudad Delgado. With the intention to make a change in the future of one of the most violent cities in El Salvador, the Skills Training Center of San Francisco de Asis, coordinated by Ana Celia Leiva, provides job skills training courses aimed at improving and expanding job opportunities to people with limited resources in Ciudad Delgado. The program, in addition to providing the theoretical and practical tools to develop specific skills to increase employability and keep them out of violence in Ciudad Delgado, also improve their lives by providing coaching on personal and life values that will reflect on a higher job performance and stronger commitment at the workplace.

The center trains more than 160 students between 8 and 60 years old. The courses available range from Mechanics, Cosmetology, Computing, Home Repair, Carpenter, Bakery, Sales Rep, among others.


The current venue site where workshops are held lacks proper infrastructure conditions to perform the trainings. The roof is seriously damaged suffering water leakage during the entire raining season and allowing the sunlight heat impact the entire area all day. The proposal includes the construction of a new site measuring 6 mts wide x 5 mts long y 3 mts high suitable to conduct classes all year long.

Let’s help Ana Celia reach her goal of $ 1041 to build a new venue with the capacity to accommodate all her students and be able to properly keep teaching skills to improve many people´s lives in Ciudad Delgado in San Salvador.

Why is it important? Building a new site will motivate and stimulate all the students by ensuring proper conditions and injecting with positive energy and happiness a community that struggles with multiple challenges on a recurrent basis.

How will the funds be used? The funds will go to the construction of the venue. The estimated budget for construction is as follow:

9 Galvanized Pipes

20 4-gal Galvanized Sheets14 Polines “C4” Sheet 14300 Pines10 pounds of electrodes

14 Polines “C4” Sheet 14

300 Pines

10 pounds of electrodes




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