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Stop anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric, to strengthen immigrant base movement in WNC!

CIMA-Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Accion

Civic Participation

Our story

CIMA’s values ground each our strategies. As we believe that grassroots communities have the wisdom and experience to direct their future, that the organization is best guided by full participation of its members. It is why in every space and workshops we use Popular Education, from the implementation of the agenda to the activities, because by being intentional to value people’s experiences and wisdom we can arrive to real and concrete solutions to the roots causes issues.


CIMA’s community programs, Comite Populares, Conversaciones Para Liberacion, and Community Defense, are all strongly rooted in our vision and mission. The Comite Populares are collectives of people whom identify issues and build solutions to end racial profiling and discrimination by law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Conversaciones Para Liberacion connects community members to see the interconnection between brown and black communities and no longer participate in the divide and conquer strategy of white supremacy. Community Defense builds members’ capacity to stop deportations and create confidence to live, move, exist and express ourselves by a concrete rapid response structure created from relationships rooted in solidarity.


We believe that all people should be treated with respect and dignity. In equal opportunities, equal rights and in fair and just laws. We believe in the strength of diversity and multilingual spaces. It is why CIMA has a political commitment to accessible spaces that don’t default to documented, English speaking professionals that is why we ensure that at all of our events we provide simultaneous interpretation, meals, transportation and childcare.


Why it matters:

The purpose of this request is to support Compañeros Inmigrantes de las Montañas en Accion to stop anti-immigrant laws and policies, to provide opportunities for local groups to connect to broader strategies as well as for regional organizations to support local efforts and grassroots groups. For immigrants in WNC to effectively unite to combat local enforcement of misguided state and federal policies, unjust detentions and deportations, as well as creating spaces to strategize toward liberation.


The following is just one story, of many, that we can share about how we have been able to support and protect people in our community:

A Hendersonville community member was taken into ICE custody over the summer at a traffic stop and check point, since Hendersonville has 287(g) it took him into ICE custody. He was issued an $8500 bond. This 37 year old father who has lived in this country for more than 18 years, building a family with his wife and kids is the sole provider for his family of five who are already facing hardships in the short time he has been detained. On November 3rd, it was shared through the Rapid Response network that an Asheville community member would go to Charlotte to post bond for him because his family had been able to raise the money in cash.  The bond was paid in Charlotte, meanwhile in Atlanta, allies were already driving down to Lumpkin to pick him up. His family drove down to Atlanta to meet up with him and be reunited after 3 months of being apart.


If you cannot donate:

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