EscoVita: building new abilities !

Lets change people with disabilities lifes creating an inclusive manufacturing model !



Our story

Together we’ll build the necessary machines for people with disabilities who works with us, and therefore show the efficiency of our processes in production of EscoVitas. This will help us to enter the market and be sustainable in the long term.

Verify that machines are ergonomic to make efficient production processes is important for us to be sustainable in the short, medium and long term; this is how we can generate income in order to give physiotherapy and psychological therapies to our collaborators to improve their quality of life in an integral way.

With your donation we’ll be able to build these machines that are needed to transform plastic bottles into EscoVitas: bottle cutters, wire cutters, ovens, plastic smelters, metal molds and assemblers according to the possibilities of people with disabilities. You will also support us to check the efficiency of our production processes to standardize the EscoVita quality and positioning in the market as the best broom that helps to take care of the environment generating a high social impact by changing the lives of people with disabilities.

Our production process of a EscoVita involves a team of 8 people with disabilities. By the end of this validations stage, we will support seven other teams of collaborators for a total of 64 collaborators with disabilities benefiting from salary, physiotherapy and psycological therapies.

To produce an EscoVita we recycle 95 medium plastic bottles.  When we will reach our goal of 500 brooms per week we will recycle 47,500 plastic bottles every week.

Your contribution is very valuable for every person with disabilities and for our planet!


Why it matters:

Since november 2016 we have been working in solve the problem of poor quality life that people with disabilities have in our community; we made alliances with several academic and health organizations to generate knowledge and a technical methodology to provide physiotherapy and psychological therapy. Additionally, during this time we have designed 11 prototypes of EscoVita until the current one that we will prove it’s process and quality standard with these funds.

In this year we have been working with three schools in our community, that together are more than 2500 students who support us to collect all the plastic bottles that are generated there. This has led us to recycle more than 2000 bottles a week.




Happy to support this wonderful organization! Looking forward to collaborating to improve the lives of people with special needs in Guatemala!

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