Fondo de reconstrucción “Todos juntos por México”

Support the recovery fund “Todos Juntos por México”!

Fundación Holcim México A.C.


Our story

Holcim has created the fund, Todos juntos por México with the vision of providing dignified and affordable buildings with  design, infrastructure and materials resistant to earthquakes, to help the reconstruction of the areas most affected by earthquakes in Mexico.

This initiative seeks to promote social inclusion in the different stages of construction, seeking that families and communities affected recover the confidence that allows them to return to normal as soon as possible.

How is this fund built?

The Fund is composed of an initial contribution of Holcim Mexico of 1 million dollars, which is administered by the Fundación Holcim Mexico; and in this next stage we are opening the fund to contributions from other people, companies and organizations.

Which actors are participating?
Fundación Holcim Mexico, will be in charge of planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting to donors.
Technical-evaluator committee, will evaluate the proposals from a technical and social point of view. Integrated by:

  • CiTec – Center for Technological Innovation for Construction
  • Habitat for Humanity Mexico
  • UNAM
  • Universidad Iberoamericana
  • Architecture Faculties

Approver Committee of pre-selected initiatives verifying compliance with requirements. Integrated by:

  • Holcim Mexico
  • Holcim Mexico Foundation
  • Other strategic allies

Accountability, the fund will be audited by an external dispatch and an exclusive bank account for the management of resources.




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