Give Orphans in Special care Centers an Opportunity

Provide basic personal items for children living in special care centers and to improve the conditions where they live.

Live together for Children Nicaragua

Children and Youth

Our story

We, as Live Together for Children Nicaragua are working with four special care centers wiith orphan children and teenagers.

The special care centers have about 50 children in total, and they are located in Managua, Nicaragua. We have helped these centers with a Family Integration project. This is, to support these centers so children do not remain too much time living there, but the Special Care Center may help the original family to change their life ways so they can get the children back or, if not possible, the children may be assigned to a new family.

During this process, children and teenagers remain in the centers, and they have al ot of need regarding, medicines, clothing, personal items and support for education. Also, the conditions in the special care centers need to be improved; structures and repairs.

We also help these teenagers when they get old enough to leave the center trainning them for an independent life (to get a job, a career, to set up a selfjob.

With this project we are going to supply children needs regarding personal items and special needs in education and health. We are also to improve the condition of the institutions where they a living.