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The Refuge of the Divine Mercy

The Refuge of the Divine Mercy is a non-profit Catholic civil association that has 13 years of service to the most needy, especially children and the elderly, involved in extreme poverty who do not have the possibility to feed themselves being their only source of food the crumbs of the trash. This project has become INDISPENSABLE for the life of these people who without this shelter would be abandoned without any food or services required for their survival on the streets. This is something alarming given that hundreds and hundreds of people are looking for El Refugio De La Divina Misericordia to look for: food, attention, medicines and clothing for their sustenance.

We have a shelter for adults and the elderly where we give lunch, medicine, clothing, evangelization, etc. A children’s shelter where they are given breakfast, lunch, education, dance, evangelization, music, etc, and a retreat house where it is rented to the people who need it. All the structures are rented and it is impossible to pay the rents of the 3 houses, because the hyperinflation of Venezuela increases prices every 3 days, not only of the house, but also of the food, which is always insufficient since with the union of the two shelters amount to more than 225 lunches, and more than 100 breakfasts for children that oscillate in that amount.

Our Objective is to buy only the houses that correspond to our shelters, in order to allocate all the income (which comes only from donations, food fairs and sale of used clothing) to feed all those children, adults and elderly who so need it, the situation in our country has become unbearable and we need help to continue with the project that is undoubtedly part of the GREAT mercy of God, because all these children, adults and the elderly benefit greatly from it.

We need your help, in order to continue to impart the mercy of God to all these people, who are becoming more and more due to the terrible situation, but with your help we can continue to give them food, medicine, clothing and services so they can continue to subsist and fighting for his future.

God will help us to continue with this beautiful project that is to impart his mercy to each and every one that needs it, responds to his call and HELP us to HELP so many people that need.

May God bless you and the Virgin be with you!