“I can do it, believe in me”: Skill development program for children with autism

Offer to 5 children with autism the development of areas as communication, interests, social and sensory interaction.

Asociación Regiomontana de Niños Autistas

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ARENA is a non-profit organization that celebrates 20 years working for children and young people with autism, whose mission is to dignify and promote the inclusion of people with autism in their family, social and educational environment, applying their own and third-party development methodologies. Learn more about us at www.autismoarena.org.mx

We invite you to 2 big actions: donate and promote. Help us to share our cause in social network s and share the testimonies of our students so that morepeople continue to know and support!

  • “Everything he has been taught has helped him to improve, he learned many things like counting, some lyrics like vowels, to recognize some animals, to say more phrases (because before he almost did not speak). In Arena they have also helped him to reinforce habits such as greeting and motor skills “. María Hernández Reyes (Mom of Marcos R.) #autismoarena
  • “Our son is now a child who can tolerate more noises, smells, colors and textures, besides waiting his turn to show more attention, makes more eye contact, has begun to follow small instructions that for us are very important and valuable, we enjoy it very much and it fills us with joy and hope with its advances “. Familia Fernández Gómez (Parents of Miguel F.) #autismoarena
  • CONSIDER THIS … the Autistic Spectrum Condition (CEA) is a continuum of different dimensions, from the mildest to the most severe, reaching great difficulties to cope with their environment. #autismoarena
  • CONSIDER THIS … When we see people with autism as someone with challenges, we move efforts to build a more inclusive world, where the “I” does not exist, but the “WE” is the most. #autismoarena

Our goal is to raise ten thousand dollars to:

  1. Develop cognitive, social and sensory skills in children with autism through an annual program.
  2. Coordinate the services of attention to inclusive education, with strategies and comprehensive monitoring.
  3. Offer punctual and comprehensive attention to a person with autism, so can have the opportunity to develop affected areas and achieve a better quality of life.

The services that children with autism can receive in our organization focus on education activities and therapies for skills development:

  • Psychoeducational Program from Monday to Friday for 10 months (a regular school year)
  • 1,000 hours of therapy for each child with autism.
  • Material and transport.
  • Specialized care of a psychologist teacher and an assistant teacher in the group.
  • Neuromotor and sensorytherapies.
  • Individualized work plan.
  • Skills assessments every semester.
  • 6 family tutorials per school year.
  • Comprehensive Family Education:
    • Monthly conferences.
    • Support’s circle for siblings.
    • Support’s circle for parents.




Mucho éxito en esta campaña ¡Hacen una gran labor!


Javier Arteaga

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