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Our story

In 2002, RENACSENIV (National Christian Network of Services to Venezuelan Children) was created with the mission of mobilizing volunteers from all cities in Venezuela to provide comprehensive care for children and adolescents, especially those with few resources. RENACSENIV is strengthened, up to the present, through the alliance with the International Ministry Samaritans Purse, with its Operation Operation Niño de la Navidad or Festiniños de Venezuela; Compassion International; LIVE together for Children and the Movement Together with Children and Youth, who through their contributions have actively contributed to the achievement of our mission.

With the Program “A Gesture of Love for Venezuela” and as a consequence of the current humanitarian crisis (shortage of food and shortage of medicines) RENACSENIV initiates the attention of children and adolescents through support with food, medicines and personal hygiene items received in donation in 2016 by Samaritan’s Purse.

Through this Program we want to deliver medicines to the most impoverished patients and under medical prescription, preferable to children and the elderly


 How will we put your donations in action?


The beneficiaries are given medicine with prescription, to the most vulnerable population, the elderly and children.

Donors are provided with a financial report along with photographs and testimony of the beneficiaries.


Why do we care?

Venezuelans visit pharmacies every day to find medicines in a country where 85% of them are scarce. We have helped 300 people in 2017. We want to provide medicines to people of extreme poverty. We believe that we can surpass the goal obtained in this year and benefit a greater number of people.



We believe that we can make a difference and change the reality that Venezuelans live today. With your help we can achieve it

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We share some news about the reality in Venezuela:

Venezuelan National Assembly will offer a monthly assessment of malnourished and abandoned children: The Venezuelan Parliament, which has an opposition majority, will offer a monthly report on the number of children suffering from malnutrition and who are in a situation of abandonment, reported today the vice president of the Permanent Family Commission of the Legislature, Karín Salanova.

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Stephen G Hoyle

Use this as needed. I'm sorry it's not more. Be blessed in what you do for the children. From a long-time Viva prayer partner.


Katy Thompson

Praying for your work


Anna Cox

Grateful for all you are doing for people in your communities with a Gesture of Love for Venezuela <3


Theresa H Kleinhaus

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