Niños Del Sol: Children of the Sun

A unique home that offers healing and support to orphaned and abandoned children in Peru.

Niños Del Sol

Children and Youth

Our story

Campaign summary:

Niños Del Sol offers a loving home to a group of orphaned and abandoned children in Peru. We provide a solid foundation of unconditional love and a deep commitment to education. We offer financial and emotional support into adulthood, including a group home in Urubamba and a second home, an apartment in Cusco for the kids who are in college or are working toward independence.

This Campaign

This year, for Giving Tuesday, we’re hoping to raise $5,000. Through the generosity of a recent donor, we’ve been able to begin getting all the kids to the dentist for some much-needed work. We’ll be using these funds to continue that work, and also to help sustain us through the coming months.

If you’re not able to help with a donation at this time, you can help by sharing this appeal by e-mail or on your social media page. Thank you so much for your support!



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