Reparación de la ambulancia del SCOA

Repair one ambulance to our comunity…

Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro "Sistema de Comunicaciones y Operaciones Aragua" SCOA


Our story

Who subscribes: Víctor Julio Escalona Marín, resides in Maracay. Municipality Girardot. Aragua State. I am pleased to present briefly to the non-profit Civil Association “Aragua Communications and Operations System” (SCOA), which is a community of people, dedicated to volunteer work in support of the National System of Civil Protection and Disaster Management , located in the Girardot municipality of Aragua state

At this time the SCOA is going through serious operational setbacks as the fundamental basis of our service is through an ambulance that has collapsed due to use, and it has been damaged since July 22, 2015, requiring major repairs. , like change of motor, rubbers and batteries, as well as maintenance of the system of brakes, and air conditioning, plus some other minor repairs.

With this ambulance, we offer the services of prehospital prevention guards, secondary transfers of low-income patients, as well as emergency care, in support of 911 health systems, Siram, Fire, Civil Protection; among others; when they are overwhelmed by the quantity and magnitude of emergencies. It is also an educational tool in the training of future professionals of prehospital care, since for many it is considered an “ambulance school”, at the same time as it helps to keep the youth related to the SCOA, engaged in beneficial activities for the community, keeping it away from vices and drugs.

With great respect I dare to request your institutional support, through the sponsorship of these repairs, taking into consideration the tax structure of the Venezuelan state, which allows the deduction of taxes to those companies that offer answers and solutions of social interest to the communities. As consideration we offer space on the sides of the unit, to publicize the sponsor of this repowering

With all the above and to the order for any clarification that allows to facilitate the approval of the request, remains of you.



Victor J. Escalona M.