Spanish Adult Basic Literacy Immersion/Transition to ESOL/Civics/Citizenship program for Seniors in Irving, TX



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Maria Palma ARRIVED AT THE ESCUELITA OF DCET 2 years ago and shared with us that she did not know how to read and write and that he had the illusion of becoming a citizen of the United States. With tears she shared that she had already visited several community Learning center, but none of them had helped her. We convinced her that : YES YOU CAN!

Our mission here at DCET(La Escuelita) is to assist immigrants in their process of assimilation and acculturation offering English classes, GED, citizenship, and elementary and Jr. High School classes in Spanish.

With your help Maria Palma and other students over the age of 50 years will be able to achieve the American Dream.
We are trying to raise $13.500 to cover the following expenses of an entire year: The course includes;

  • Elementary classes in Spanish
  • ESL (English as a Second Language
  • Classes of Civics includes: History and Government

We serve the immigrant community in its majority Hispanic/Latino families with ESL, GED, Citizenship and Computer classes as well as Spanish Literacy Classes for FREE.

This Immersion Spanish Literacy program will benefit Hispanic seniors over 50 who cannot read/write Spanish and therefore they cannot
communicate in English in order to pass the Citizenship test.

We need your donation because, Our Hispanic community in Irving, Texas requires this additional support as its growth of illiterate population keeps on growing disproportionally, representing a challenge to the progress of this city.

We want to encourage you to help us receive any dollar that can make a difference in the progress of our city.  Assisting the funding for this program will allow seniors to learn how to read/write in Spanish so they can learn English as a second language and then pass the citizenship test.  
Your donation will make the difference. 

We at DCET acknowledge that education is the major component to progress in any socio-economic level in the world.

We thank you for considering donating to this important cause.

Please visit us:

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GRACIAS POR CONSIDERAR AYUDAR A LAS NECESIDADES DE NUESTROS ANCIANOS DE LA TERCERA EDAD! Su donación lograra que ellos se conviertan en seres productivos de este país al hacerse ciudadanos y poder votar.

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We are very thankful for your interest in assisting seniors become USA Citizen who can be very productive members of society.
Le agradecemos su atención por asistir a que los ancianos de la tercera edad logren su ciudadanía aquí en Los Estados Unidos y se conviertan en seres productivos de este país.

En Agosto del 2018 sera un gozo ver a estas personas de la 3a. edad derramar lagrimas de felicidad por haber logrado triunfar en sus estudios los cuales involucra que primero aprender a leer y escribir en Español, luego estudiar intensivamente Ingles para poder pasar el examen de ciudadanía. El curso de Civismo incluye Historia y Gobierno. CON SU AYUDA LO LOGRARAN! MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!

In August of 2018 it will be a joy seeing these senior citizens have tears of happiness for reaching their goal in finishing their course which includes, first of all, learn how to write/read in Spanish then study English as a second language so they can pass the Citizenship test which includes Civics (History and Government) WITH YOUR DONATION THEY WILL BE ABLE TO REACH THEIR GOAL! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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DCET Executive Director and Founder, Elvia (Nina) Wallace-Martinez, received the 2017 WOMEN OF DISTINCTION award in Austin, Texas for
by The Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce (TAMACC) on Friday, October 27th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, TX, twelve (12) outstanding Latina leaders representing different cities in Texas. This is a very prestigious award called “Women of Distinction Award”
Chairman Samuel Guzman. Expressed: “Year after year we are proud and honored to recognize and celebrate the outstanding successes and contributions that women make to our Hispanic communities, our state, and indeed our nation.” Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 2017 Women of Distinction award has been awarded to Elvia Wallace-Martinez, CFRE and Executive Director and Founder of Debes Creer en Ti (DCET) and to 12-twelve more outstanding women at state level who were honored and recognized for their hard work in their communities.
Criteria to be considered a nominee is humbleness and endurance in excellence in Education and tenacity. “We are excited to continue recognizing women for their contributions to our communities and for allowing us to see a glimpse of what they do,” said TAMACC President Pauline E. Anton. “We were proud to induct these women into the 2017 TAMACC Women of Distinction.” The Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce (TAMACC) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(6) organization created to promote business leadership, create economic opportunities and provide legislative advocacy for the Hispanic business community in Texas. TAMACC was founded in 1975 to encourage opportunities in commerce and to organize local programs to improve the economic condition of the Hispanic population. TAMACC is an association with more than 15,000 members and advocates for over 700,000 Hispanic businesses in Texas.

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Aaliyah Miranda

DCET: continue to make a difference in someone's life. "There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” ― Mandy Hale

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