We work to reduce acts of violence promoting a better education.

IIARS, Instituto Internacional de Aprendizaje para la Reconciliación Social


Our story

Did you know…?

Guatemala is the second country in the world with the highest number of children and adolescents violent deaths. In 2016 there was an average of 387 violent deaths per month.


Full report 2017(Spanish)


Who we are

The Education for Peace, Historical Memory and Human Rights Technical Committee is integrated by different Iberoamerican organizations that fight to find peace through education.


What we do

We offer an innovative and specialized teachers training to ensure that students receive education in the following areas:

  • §  Human rights
  • §  Diversity and multiculturalism
  • §  Democracy
  • §  Historical memory and internal armed conflict
  • §   Education for Peace

How we do it

In addition to design and publish teaching material and support guides,

1- We train teachers from all over the country in Citizenship Education areas. 

2. We follow up the education progress. 

3. We evaluate the development together with the teaching staff. 

We repeat these three steps four times throughout the school year.

How will we activate your donations?

We need US$ 5,000 so that teachers from all the country can be trained and therefore, Educate for Peace.


What will we do with your donations?

We ensure the participating teachers attendance to training workshops given by specialized experts. The distances they must travel implicate expenses for both trips and lunches that teachers can not cover.

Through the donations received, accessible training for teachers is offered in order to deliver the information on to both their students and their fellow teachers. In this way, Education for Peace will rise the students’ awareness to respect all and stop violent behaviors.


Get to know us

The Education for Peace, Historical Memory and Human Rights Technical Committee is integrated by civil society organizations and the Human Rights Attorney with the cooperation of UNESCO PAJUST / UNDP and OACNUDH. It was created in 2010 with the aim to support the Education for Peace and Life Program from the Ministry of Education through its members experience in curricular development, material design and teaching update in the areas of Citizenship Education, Education for Peace, Peaceful Coexistence, Interculturality and Historical Memory.




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