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Our story

Campaign summary:

People fund projects they feel passionate about and believe in. Use this section to
grab their attention, peak their interest and make sure they want to read more. Here
are some things to include:

1. Introduce the issue, opportunity or problem you want to address with this project

2. Why is this important to you, your team, or your organization?

3. What is your goal, how do you plan to accomplish it and how can people’s
support/donations help you get there?

Why it matters:

Use this section to give more details and talk about the big picture.

1. What impact will you have if this project becomes a reality? How will you measure
the impact?

2. Explain why your project is valuable to your supporters and the world (or the Latino

3. Why should people trust you? Reference success stats from similar projects or
point to your organization’s track record.

Potential Challenges:

Transparency is key to build trust among potential donors. Use this section to show
that you have thought about the potential risks and obstacles you might face trying to
achieve your goal and what you plan to do to overcome these challenges.

How we’ll put your donations to work

Explain how much money you need and where it is going.

1. What will funds cover? Be transparent and specific to build trust in your

2. Describe where your funds will go if you don’t reach your entire goal.

3. Tell people about your unique perks or giving levels for donating to your project.

Feel free to add photos or videos to any section to help contributors visualize
your story.

Other ways people can help:

Some people might not be able to make a donation, but they can help you in other
ways that can go a long way. Let them know you are aware of this, and show them
what other ways they can get involved. For example:

– Ask people to help you get out the word

– Provide sample social media language

– Remind them to use the HIPGive social sharing tools

– Invite them to become an official campaign ambassador or volunteer.

That is it! Feel free to get creative and make this section as engaging as you want.














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