The Four Movements

Thank you for ensuring Oaxacan potter’s tradition doesn’t disappear in our lifetime!

Consejo para Innovar la Tradición Cerámica de Oaxaca AC

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Our story


Our journey at Innovando la Tradición began 12 years ago with an unquenchable fascination for the beauty of Mexican traditional crafts and the people behind them.

Driven by curiosity, we have worked to bridge the worlds of traditional wisdom and urban modernity in as many creative ways as possible, taking risks nobody has taken before for indigenous pottery.

What began as a personal investigation quickly connected to much wider concerns about who we are, at we want to become, and where we are headed as a civilization.



For us, it’s more important than ever to consider the wisdom of
traditional cultures to move forward as a civilization. We believe some of the most pressing problems of today’s world can be well informed by traditional cultures to find unique solutions inspire by their knowledge. Potters can show us the way forward with the wisdom they hold in their hands.

Every day the potters of Oaxaca transform the world with their hands, and every day we have made a commitment to be bold in opening up more paths for pottery to survive for many more centuries.

The questions that have guided us during this time have become richer, deeper and more complex.

We hope you will see our invitation for you to join the Four Movements as an opportunity for you to deepen your connection o the wisdom of their craft, their close connection to the earth, and their community.


We invite you to invest today in our Four Movements to ensure Oaxacan artisans can thrive!


  1. THE KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY BUILDING knowledge community for artisan empowerment.

How can we support the 70 indigenous villages of Oaxaca help each other through the creation of a Knowledge Community?

We are creating an artisan to artisan model of training and growth built by and with the artisans themselves, as a space to share challenges and strengthen their knowledge, make it visible to the world and encourage new generations to continue this craft.

Help us take the next step with them with a pioneering program of artisan-to-artisan training. This initiative will make it possible for us to document and preserve traditional techniques, to expand their skills to other areas so that they become powerful leaders in their communities to preserve and transmit their vision and the profound cultural knowledge they hold.


  1. HOUSE OF CLAY INITIATIVE ESTABLISHING a home in Oaxaca for living traditions.

How can we help make their wisdom more accessible to the world and project it to places never before imagined?


Help us build a special, world- renowned center in Oaxaca, a space for designers, researchers, educators  and friends of our international community to meet, explore and collaborate. A workshop, gallery and museum space for traditional knowledge. This center will provide a space for collaboration for all of the artisans, potters and others, from all over Oaxaca.


  1. THE HANDMADE INITIATIVE DESIGNING a groundbreaking approach for artisans.

How can we crystallize our experience and the knowledge of artisans to create a more balanced world?

In a world that has based its growth on unrestrained exploitation, you can help us codify, advance and share with the world our principles, philosophy and methodologies, developed from a decade of work with artisans who embody an alternative way to live in balance. After 12 years of experimenting carefully and with precision, with our methods and tools. It is time to share them with the world as a strategy to promote parallel growth, chaniges in the design field and in Mexican public policy towards artisans.


  1. COLECTIVO 1050• WE TRANSFORM MUD INTO BEAUTY to open new markets around the world       

How can we place a pot in all the tables of the world and in doing so create a lifeline to the 70 pottery villages?

COLECTIVO 1050• creates commercial and cultural bridges between traditional and modern world by creating the conditions to open more markets, for more potters from more villages. In this way, new paths will be continously discovered to place pottery where it has never been before. The iincome to pottery families within Colectivo 1050• will continue to increase as it has happened since 2008 when we started saling the results of the training provided by Innovando la Tradicion AC.




Join our community of angel donors and become a member of the Huaje Valley Network, a group of visionaries from around the world that are supporting us with donations annually to overcome the challenges we face in the construction of the 4 Movements.


The 2017 campaign goal for The Four Movements is 190k USD.

Up today we have raised 100 k USD and we trust we can continue to challenge the future and get the remaining $90k through this website, before February 13th 2018.

The members of the Huaje Valley Network participate by:

  • Giving generously $ 1, $5, $10 or $25 K USD and becoming a rabbit, deer, eagle or jaguar.
  • Connecting us to others and strengthening the network.
  • Attending one of our launch events and our yearly trip to Oaxaca designed to help you learn more about what your support makes possible.
  • Opening doors to potential partners and foundations in the US or Mexico.
  • Bringing to life our Four Movements by providing strategic advice in our challenges.


Join The HVN the spirit of one of the indigenous animals of our Valley!

– Jaguar – $25,000 USD

– Eagle – $10,000 USD

– Deer – $5,000 USD

– Rabbit – $1,000 USD


Want to know more?

Please email us at:  [email protected]



Claude Zellweger

Dear Kythzia and Diego, Here's our donation that Renee and I are so happy to make. We wish you best of luck in achieving your fund goal! Claude + Renee Zellweger, San Francisco


Paula Williams

this is getting very interesting!


Monica y Ezequiel Farca

con mucho cariño.


Thomas Ewing

We are so happy to support your wonderful work1


Natalie Foster

Great to see you all in Oakland. We're grateful to stay connected to Oaxaca through you.


Paula Williams

looking forward to our next meeting in Oaxaca!


Colin and Marnie

Buen suerte amigos.


Paula Williams

Looking forward to being part of this amazing community of artisans



Con mucho gusto apoyo Innovado la Tradición. Espero connectar con ustedes y aprender más en SanFrancisco o Oaxaca.


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Eungie Joo and Rayyane Tabet


Stanlee Gatti


Charles Hemminger


Stephen Farneth and Elizabeth Rintoul

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