You Can Build Community

You can make a difference. You can spark creative expression. You can build community.


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You can make a difference. You can spark creative expression. You can build community.

You can join us at MACLA and support high quality programs that spur dialogue around the critical issues of our times – immigration, racial segregation, affordable housing, sanctuary cities, and climate change – through the bold work of Latino artists. MACLA’s programs unite and empower people. You’ll support youth who come to MACLA every day after-school to become the next generation of Latino media makers. You’ll celebrate the best of the Latino diaspora from the Bay Area and beyond on our stage. You can dance with us or meet a friend for a thought-provoking program.

 Your gift is a catalyst for change. 


Donate $50, $100, or $250 today. Every dollar makes a difference. Your gift will impact the lives of the 35,000 people who participate in MACLA’s programs annually.

Here is what you will make happen:

  • Direct from Havana for one-night-only, MACLA debuts award-winning, international percussionist Yissy Garcia & Bandancha on December 3, 2017. Compared to the Buena Vista Social Club, this performance is a mash-up of boundary-blurring Latin jazz, funk, and rumba with a live DJ that you will not want to miss.
  • Notes on Democracy, a timely new visual arts exhibition explores the depths of political discourse, process and the ideology of democracy will be on view until March 2018.
  •  Latin Standards Marga Gomez’s new solo theater performance about fathers, entertainment, wealth, poverty, and Café Cubano will be on our stage February 9-11, 2018 and will leave you laughing.
  •  Invest in the next generation at the DMC Studio, a free, welcoming space for youth age 13-18 to learn 21st century skill development through multimedia production and have the support of caring media mentors.



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