Why Your Nonprofit Should Build Crowdfunding into Your Wider Digital Strategy

By Katherine Mancera

In this digital world, staying on top of your online footprint can seem daunting. Especially for nonprofits with limited resources, managing all aspects of digital – a website, Facebook page, Instagram account, crowdfunding campaign, Twitter feed, etc. – is a lofty, and sometimes seemingly unachievable, feat.

But, as much as some of us would like to turn back the proverbial page to a simpler time, digital is here to stay, and is an essential tool for communicating your mission and effective fundraising.

Crowdfunding online is an especially promising tool, since it allows nonprofits to reach and engage a larger pool of nontraditional donors. And, while there’s a lot to consider when planning your crowdfunding campaign – from how to effectively tell your story to how to build a group of engaged donors – you also need to think about how it fits into your organization’s bigger-picture digital strategy.

A recent article on Philanthropy in Focus gives a great, quick overview of how to create an effective digital presence, from developing an integrated digital strategy to telling your organization’s story authentically. Check out the article here for practical questions that can help guide your nonprofit’s strategic digital thinking, such as:

  • “What do we do well offline that we can duplicate or improve online?”
  • “Is there a digital solution that could improve the capacity or efficiency of our organization?”
  • “What [social media] platforms do our supporters and donors use most? Is our organization active in these digital spaces?”

Once you start considering these questions, you can think strategically about how your crowdfunding campaign fits into your digital footprint. Ask yourself:

  • Are your messages consistent and authentic across campaigns and platforms?
  • Can donors who give to your crowdfunding campaign find more information and inspiring stories on your website and Facebook page?
  • Will your other online engagements, such as Facebook and email newsletters, help you convert first-time crowdfunding donors into long-term supporters?

Happy crowdfunding!