Will Latinos Vote for Clinton or Trump?

By: Chloe de Verrier

This year, with more Latinos eligible to vote than ever before, Latinos could have a huge impact on the next four years of our country.

The $1 million question is: who will they vote for, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

(Another question, of course, is how many of them will come out to vote.)

As of 2012, at almost 53 million people, Hispanics constitute 17% of the U.S. population. With each year the U.S. is experiencing a growth in Latino voters, and in this year’s upcoming elections a record 27.3 million Latinos will be eligible to vote nationwide. 2016 will be the most diverse year yet in history, with nearly 1 in 3 voters of ethnic minority. This will have great influence in determining our next president.

With the growth of Latino voters, a lot comes down to which candidate will lead in the Latino vote this fall. Through their speeches and public appearances, it has become clear that Clinton and Trump have very different visions regarding immigration and Hispanic rights:



As of the most recent poll published by Fox News Latino, Trump trails Clinton by nearly 46 points in Latino votes, with Clinton leading with 66% in comparison to Trump’s 20%.

Although these polls show Clinton in the lead, these voters are not exactly sold on Clinton.

According to CNN Politics, Latino voters overwhelmingly say Clinton would do a better job than Trump at representing their values, making decisions about nuclear weapons, and making military decisions, but Trump still has potential to make gains, with 62% of Latinos claiming they would consider voting for a candidate who has different immigration views than their own. Although Clinton currently has a 39% lead, 41% claim to have a negative view of her, struggling to trust her through her campaign and elections.

It is clear that Latinos will have a huge influence in determining the next president of the U.S. Who will you vote for?


Chloe joined HIP as a volunteer in the summer of 2015. She helps manage social media and researches potential partners and nonprofits. Chloe is a senior in high school, and outside of the office she loves to run and compete in cross country and track.